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Tokyo Interarts Meguro Nikogusa concert Flyer

Tokyo Interarts Meguro Nikogusa concert


This performance is co-organized by Meguro Foundation of Art and Culture.

Sat., May. 16, 2020
Nakameguro GT Plaza Hall
[matinee] Open 14:30 / Start 15:00
[soiree] Open 17:30 / Start 18:00

All un-reserved seats

High school students or younger
Parent and child Pair tickets

Parent and child Pair tickets: General and High school students or younger

Preschool children entry available (Fee: Free)

Date available : Sun., Mar. 1

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Kumiko Makihara (koto) / Nami Terai (koto) / Seiritsu Tomio (sangen/koto) / Mie Oe (koto/17gen) / Yoko Takematsu (storyteller) / Koumei Ashigaki (shakuhachi) / Hiroko Nomura (soprano) / Yuriko Kanai (piano) / Akiko Takahashi (flute)

Guest: Seika Shimamura (hougaku-hayashi)


F.Chopin: Prelude “Raindrop” by shakuhachi & piano
J.Censhu: Chikubushima on a full moonlit night ~ from legend of Shiga
M.Miyagi: A Spring …etc

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Date available
Sun., Mar. 1, 2020 10:00 a.m.

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Tokyo Interarts Meguro
Tel:03-3426-4163 (Makihara)
Tel:03-3719-2351 (Yamazaki)
Tel:090-7843-0717 (Nomura)

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Main organizer / Inquiries
Tokyo Interarts Meguro
Tel:03-3426-4163 (Makihara)

Meguro Foundation of Art and Culture

Through the cooperation of Nakameguro Park Flower and Greenery Learning Center
the Japanese art of flower arrangement: Shihou Yoshida (Sogetsu style)

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  • We ask for your understanding as, due to unavoidable circumstances, changes may occur regarding the performer, program, etc.
  • Cancellations are not possible once a ticket has been obtained unless the performance itself is canceled.
  • There is no parking lot specifically for the hall, so use the paid parking lot in Nakameguro GT.

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