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Meguro Autumn Art ~Salon Concert at Former Residence of the Maeda Family ~ Harpsichord


This performance is mainly organized by  Meguro Ward and Meguro Foundation of Art and Culture.

Sat., Nov. 25, 2023
Former Residence of the Maeda Family
1st:Open 12:00/Start 12:15
2nd:Open 14:15/ Start 14:30

Akiko Kuwagata (Harpsichord)


All un-reserved seats

1000yen(each stage)

Date Available: Thu., Sep. 21

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(c)Kiyotane Hayashi

Akiko Kuwagata (Harpsichord)

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Date available
Thu., Sep. 21, 202310:00

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Other notes

Main organizer

Meguro Ward
Meguro Foundation of Art and Culture

Other Information

  • We ask for your understanding as, due to unavoidable circumstances, changes may occur regarding the performer, program, etc.
  • Cancellations are not possible once a ticket has been obtained unless the performance itself is canceled.
  • Admission/Accompaniment by preschool children is not allowed.
  • Please come using public transportation as the parking lot has a small number of parking spaces.

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